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The most violent storms, the ones that knock out the power for days always seem to arrive unannounced. Sure, the local weather people tell us about a weather system that is on its way but usually they’re more violent than predicted and upon us before we know it. Homeowners that have generators are able to not only stay at home during a power outage, but they are also able to protect their quality of life, keep their appliances running and can stay comfortable during the power outages.

So What Is Emergency Generator Power?

Emergency generator power is a system that kicks in when you lose utility power to help keep you and your family comfortable during that power outage. A generator can keep your food cold, your microwave running,  your security system operational, and enough lights on to feel safe in your home. Your generator is powered by either natural or propane gas and is a permanent fixture to your home much like an air conditioning unit.

Benefits of a Backup Generator Continuous Power Solution:

  • Uninterrupted comfort and protection for your home and family in the event of a power outage resulting from weather, power grid problems, and more.
  • The peace of mind ensuring that important medical equipment will continue working 24 hours a day.
  • The freedom that comes from knowing your life is unaffected by blackouts and other power problems.
  • Protection for vital medicines that must remain refrigerated at all times and for your family’s supply of food.

What Is The Difference Between Your Generators and The Ones Available at The Hardware Store?

There are many benefits to having a permanent backup generator versus a portable generator. With a portable generator, you run the risk of exposing your family to carbon monoxide poisoning. With a permanent generator, your system is fed off of the natural or propane gas running to your home and has proper exhaust systems to protect you and your family. Our generator systems also have the advantage of automatically turning on as soon as the system senses a loss of power. A permanent generator also adds value to your home if you choose to sell your home and leave the generator in place.

What Is The Process For Generator Installation?

aep-brendaWe will come out and give you a free quote on a generator system based upon your needs. During the estimate we will evaluate and inquire as to what services you want to run during a power outage. If, after our estimate you choose Alternative Electric Power, we are able to provide you with a compete turnkey installation including necessary permits and gas line installation. After the generator installation is completed, we will test your system and answer any and all of your system operation questions.

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