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It is important to perform routine service & maintenance on your standby generator to optimize service life and to provide a basis for supporting warranty claims. Having your generator in good working order when it’s called upon is an absolute must. While generators are very important to keeping our homes running smoothly, it should also be remembered that they are also an investment that needs to be regularly serviced in order to operate at peak performance levels. Regular service will help ensure that your generator will run smoothly when you need it and not leave you in a pinch when your home loses power.

AEP is a Factory Authorized Service and Repair Dealer for:

Energy Island
Briggs & Stratton
G. E.

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For optimal performance your generator should be serviced at least once a year. However, most manufacturers require minimal servicing twice a year to maintain the warranty status. Additionally, you should have your generator serviced before and after storm season. In the Midwest, typically storm season is April-June and again in October-November, so we advise having a spring and a pre-winter checkup performed.

Preventative Maintenance Service for your Generator includes:

Annual Inspection – System Checks and Service

Inspect overall condition on unit
Change oil filters (after 200 hours run time)
Check battery voltage
Check, clean & grease battery terminals
Check wiring connections
Check air cleaner (replace if necessary)
Check engine oil (replace if necessary)
Check & replace spark plugs
Test automatic transfer switch for proper operation
And more …

Each time we come out to service your generator we will first do a thorough inspection. This inspection will include a visual overview of your system and a testing of all of the mechanical elements. Our technician will check both the oil and the filter and replace them as needed. We will also run a test of your system under full load. Your automatic switch will also be checked to make sure that your system will kick on as soon as power has been lost and turn back off when power has been restored.

service-agreementAlternative Electric Power is Northwest Indiana’s leading provider of generator service and maintenance. We understand that most peoples’ lives are busy and your generator is not on your mind until you need it. This is why we offer all of our customers maintenance plans that will not only give you piece of mind, but that will also make sure any problems with your generator are caught before they become a major problem. We customize a plan that makes sense for your specific generator and power needs.  Most of our typical residential maintenance plans fall into our Basic Service Plan.

Example of our BASIC Service Plan

Bi-annual visit includes the following:

  • Visual inspection, including mechanical and electrical systems
  • Oil and filter change in accordance to manufacturers recommendations
  • Test functionality of both generator and transfer switches by simulating a power outage
  • Emergency response time under 24 hours (in most cases)
  • Running test under load (one time per year)
  • 10% off any additional non-warranty service work on generator

Alternative Electric Power, understands that your generator may not be a priority when it is not being used. We want our customers to be able to utilize their generators whenever needed, and not be caught by surprise when your generator does not work after sitting dormant for a while. We offer maintenance plans for all of our home standby generators. These plans are customized to the size, make and model of your generator and its application.  Each of the plans includes a discount on non-warranty covered repairs and, in most cases, service within 24 hours of your call.

Call Alternative Electric Power today to schedule your maintenance appointment to ensure your generator is in working order for when you need it most.

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