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Emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be pricey. Recent technological and design advancements in the home standby generator market have made one of the best home purchases to prepare for the unexpected more affordable than ever. A generator can help protect your home, assets, and comfort in the event of a power outage. Alternative Electric Power is proud to provide its customers with GE Generator Systems.

Power More for Less

GE is a leader in energy innovation, committed to using the latest technology to provide peace of mind to homeowners with dependable standby generators. GE is a name associated with power. GE is a leader in energy innovation, committed to using the latest technology to provide homeowners with peace of mind during a power outage.  GE now lends it industry experience to the generator market.

Benefits of a GE Generator

Smaller Eco-Footprint

GE generators on today’s market have a smaller footprint than most other generators. Their generators are able to provide more energy while taking up less space. GE generators will blend seamlessly into your outdoor decor and are not an eye sore like some other generators.

Quiet Operation

The generators are made with sound dampening technology allowing for quiet operation and minimal disturbance to your neighbors. These technologies include foam and exhaust systems designed to keep the noise to a minimum.

Briggs and Stratton Engines

Briggs & Stratton private labels a generator line for GE, which is why their generator branding has become synonymous with each other. GE generators are equipped with Briggs and Stratton engines, one of the leading engine manufactures in the world. The engines are made to run continually without interruption when you need it the most.

Smart Load Technology

GE generators are able to distribute the load of your appliances without overloading your system.

Works With Your Existing Wiring

GE generators work with your existing wiring making instillation as unobtrusive as possible.

4 or 5 Year Warranty

GE offers our customers 4 or 5 year warranties on their products. With regular maintenance your GE system will run for many stormy seasons to come.

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