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A generator is a vital appliance for a Northwest Indiana home and home-based business owners. Without power most people can’t complete even basic tasks including cooking, showering, and eating perishable food. A generator can keep your home, business and possessions safe when the inconvenience of a power outage strikes. When the power goes out, everybody has different priorities with what they want to power in their homes. Some may want to power essential items such as a refrigerator, some lights, television, a microwave. With our area’s strong storms that knock down power lines, coming up with a plan in the event of a power outage is important.

Home Generators are permanently installed, and provide your home with automatic backup power during a power outage. Bundled with an automatic transfer switch, your home standby generator runs off of natural gas or liquid propane.

What Appliances Can A Partial House Generator Power?

A partial house generator is a solution for individuals who only want to run a few essential appliances. These appliances can include a refrigerator, a few lights and a microwave. Partial home generators are a cost effective solution for many families and can offer peace of mind. Your home’s energy consumption is measured in kilowatts (kW). Partial home generators will provide your home with between 7 and 20 kW.

At Alternative Electric Power we understand that choosing what type of generator you need can be a confusing process. Our staff is highly-trained and astute in helping educate you in choosing a solution. We offer free in-home consultations to help you choose your new generator. During your appointment we will go over all of the essential items that you need to run in your home during a power outage. We will also inspect and determine the type of natural or propane gas that you have for your home. After our initial appointment we will customize a plan for your new generator.

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