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Living in the Midwest, extreme weather seems to have become more commonplace over the last few years.  Heavy rain, high winds, snow storms, ice storms, and extreme heat can have a devastating effect on our power supply and can knock out power for days or weeks as experienced in a lot of cases recently.

Backup Power Generators have become a necessity for many homeowners. There was a time when we relied on electricity for just lighting, appliances and our heating and cooling systems for our homes. That has changed with the increase in home technologies. We now also power elaborate security systems and with the rise in home based businesses and remote working employees, we simply consume more electrical power. These increased power demands, along with industry deregulation, have made both blackouts and brownouts more commonplace in our daily lives.

Why Is A Generator Important?

When the power goes out in your home, you can be at risk of losing a considerable amount of money. Whether you depend on your power to keep your food cool, keep your business running or keeping essential appliances running; it is an important utility. When you have a generator at your home an impending storm will no longer mean that you need to rush to the store to buy non-perishable food and stock up on flashlights. A generator will keep your home running regardless of if your whole neighborhood is without power. You will be the envy of your neighbors as you enjoy hot food and warm showers.

What Is The Difference With A Whole Home Generator?

The types of generators that are widely available at your local hardware store are often only partial home generators. These generators run off of diesel or unleaded fuel and typically power only a few appliances. They also have a small fuel tank, which requires frequent refueling so you have to be home in order to keep it running, and oftentimes have a pull start which makes it difficult to start. Conversely, a whole home generator will run your home without any interruption. All of our generators come with an automatic switch. This switch will continuously monitor your home’s power source and will kick in within 20 seconds of a power loss. The automatic switch is essential for homes that lose power when the home is not occupied.

Do I Have Adequate Propane or Gas Supply?

Alternative Electric Power will assess your natural or propane gas supply and assist you with the necessary paperwork if your tank or utility gas meter needs to be upgraded.  We will then tie your new whole home generator into this propane or natural gas source to keep your home running even if your power fails.

AEP Can Help You Decide.

Let Alternative Electric Power install a whole house generator to help you protect your family and your investments. During our initial consultation, our trained technicians will work with you to decide whether you only want the critical elements in your home to be powered or your entire home. We will make sure that you have the right size generator to fit your needs during any blackout or loss of electrical utility power. Alternative Electric Power is the leading provider and installer of whole house generators to homeowners in Northwest Indiana.

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